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How to Apply for a volunteer role at Imperial Voice Radio:

Check out the volunteer roles below. If any interest you, please send us a message telling us :-

Which role(s) interest(s) you, what you would bring to it, what you would like to gain from it and why Imperial Voice Radio. 

Please send your message (covering letter), a CV and your best contact details by email to:

imperialvoiceradio @

Thanks for your time and interest in…


Imperial Voice Radio

Technical Roles

Website & Tech Support

 Supporting website management and administration.

Broadcast programming & tech Support (Libretime)

Assisting presenters with live programmes and uploading and scheduling recorded programmes and jingles.

Assist with creating editing and placing shows in the calendar.

Training Coordinator

Identify training needs  and commission training.


Fundraising and Sponsorship Coordinator

Develop and help to implement strategies and campaigns for funds and resources for the station to run effectively.

Advertisement and Sales Coordinator

Approach negotiate develop adverts with  potential advertisers and sponsors.

Station Management


Develop financial management process that keep bank account and budget in sync and as planned.

Communication & Design

Promotion of station and specific programmes events, campaigns or activities.


Volunteer Coordination & Support

(Including Presenter recruitment/retention)

Identify, approach, encourage  – maintain current status record. 
Identify Support Needs of serving volunteers.

Advisor for DAB planning

(future, strategic working) Researching, scoping, pros and cons, alternatives, assist with decision  costing.

Steering Group

Commission programmes.

Set programme calendar Commission and consider feedback.

Build and Support the team, volunteers and partnerships.

Events Coordinator

Including identifying events to use to promote the station and its work. Playing out. Stalls.

Community, PR & Marketing

Graphic Design

Produce logos and visual design for programmes and station projects


Produce and  Market the station using merchandise.

Community Liaison

Develop and maintain links with stakeholder groups ( eg religious groups, civic groups, education etc).

Social Media

Seek feedback through our social media channels. Develop and support updating strategies and cycles for messages from the station.

Programme Creation & Support


Produce recorded and live programmes.

Jingle Producers

Produce/commission adverts/announcements to promote IVR and  external partners.

Listening Feedback Panel

Listening to the station. Complete feedback form. Attend Focus group meeting.

How to apply

Which role(s) interest(s) you, what you would bring to it, what you would like to gain from it and why Imperial Voice Radio.

(with CV and contact details)

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