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New Rasi Selassie

Rasi Selassie Players of instruments shall be there Psalm 87: 2205 Tuesday

New Shaka T

Hear Fresh Best of Shaka 7am every Wednesday at 7am and again at 11.10pm. Hear him Live every Thursday from 6pm till 9pm

New Rasi Selassie

Listen to new Rasi Selassie Sundays 2100 Tuesdays 2105 and 0700 Thursdays

New Ras Kush-I

New 1 2 Best with Ras Kush-I Midday Mondays and Fridays 2105

Roots and Culture Live !

Obediah Live Tuesday 8.05pm and Saturday 9.05am Best of shows Monday 7am Wednesday 9.05pm 4pm Thursday and midday Friday.